what is globalreset2020?

  • simply, globalreset2020 (gr20) is a global social initiative encouraging users to rethink how they present their online narrative.


is there a deeper objective to gr20?

  • creating an opportunity to look at how we communicate with each other.  encourage discussion with understanding instead of through hyperbolic statements.  thinking of how we listen when we are online and how text can be understood as auditory.

  • additionally to create understanding of what we post on SMPs (social media platforms) add to the need of energy and material resources which is not sustainable.

what is an online narrative?

    presenting your 'authentic self'

who you are at your core.


  • is there a consistency between IRL (in real life) and your online presence?

  • the moment you created your first SMP account you began to lay the foundation of introducing  who you were to the online community.  through posts, either thoughts, pictures, videos, memes shared you are forming an online narrative.  as in real life, our views and opinions evolve as we share and interact within online communities and over time you build a personal diary of sort which (depending on your privacy settings) anyone can access.  the posts and comments made over time will begin to tell a story which allows someone to come to a conclusion of who you are.  what gr20 is asking is to take the journey through your history and consider honestly if the person you were then is the person you are today.

"if i knew then what i know now."


  • for many, your social media history is used as a simple 'background check'  whether it's meeting new friends or applying for a job.  your past is accessible and a random post or comment from the past can have a different context in today‚Äôs world.  consider if that comment represents and benefits you or may it serve as a negative judgment?