how to reset

  • below are instructions on how to remove posts recent or old. keep in mind a SMP may require a period of time for any updates to appear.

  • if you chose to delete a SMP account there will be a link to do so.

  • though there are hundreds to thousands of SMPs, gr20 looks at the most currently used.  gr20 is aware of other platforms and encourages you to rethink your profile and sharing on those as well.

please note instructions may slightly differ depending on device, browser and language.

how to reset FACEBOOK

  • below are steps to delete comments left to others as well as posts to your own FB page.


steps to find your FB activity.

  1. click on your name or profile picture at the top of FB.

  2. click ACTIVITY LOG on the right of your cover photo.

  3. To filter results by types of activity, use the options on the left side.

steps to delete a post:

  1. Hover over the comment and click the THREE DOTS ...
  2. select DELETE.

  3. a prompt will appear select DELETE.


delete facebook

how to reset TWITTER

  • unfortunately, currently you can NOT edit a tweet you've made to your twitter account or a comment to another’s.  it can only be deleted.  you can rewrite the post but it will move to the front of the timeline.


steps to delete a tweet:

  1. visit your PROFILE page.

  2. look for TWEETS & REPLIES.

  3. locate the tweet you want to delete.

  4. tap the DOWN ARROW icon.

  5. tap DELETE.

delete twitter

how to reset INSTAGRAM

  • options for this are different depending on if you're using the desktop or mobile app.  the mobile app will generally offer more options which allow editing or deleting your own post.  you can NOT edit a comment made on someone else’s post but can delete the comment made.   note this can be exhaustive as you have to scroll for comments made.  you you can request a data download (on desktop app only) under settings > privacy and security > data download > and CLICK request download.  instagram will then send you a zip file which includes a comments.json file which can be opened using notepad (windows) or textedit (mac) which will list all your comments made.


steps to delete a comment made.

  1. use the MOBILE app.

  2. find the comment made. the hard part.

  3. tap on the COMMENT.

  4. you may need to tap VIEW ALL comments.

  5. find your comment and tap on the COMMENT TEXT (not your username).

  6. tap on the TRASH CAN icon.

delete instagram

how to reset SNAPCHAT

  • you can NOT delete full conversations at once, you have to delete individual chats.  you can delete individual chats by doing the following.


steps to delete a message:

  1. tap on the CHAT icon.

  2. find the USER who you sent the chat to.

  3. find the specific message and LONG PRESS on it.

  4. tap on DELETE.

  5. a confirmation will appear and tap DELETE CHAT.


delete snapchat

how to reset YOUTUBE



  1. click on the HAMBURGER ICON (the 3 lines) in the upper left hand corner.

  2. click on HISTORY.

  3. on the right you will see COMMENTS.

  4. you should see your entire comment history.  delete any or all comments by using the drop down menu at the right side of each comment and clicking DELETE.  a confirmation prompt will appear, click DELETE.

delete youtube

how to reset TIK TOK

  1. to find the comments you have made is very difficult unless you remember all the usernames and the specific videos.  though once you have found one, it is easy to delete.


  1. on the video tap on the COMMENT BUBBLE.

  2. scroll to your comment and LONG PRESS on it.

  3. tap DELETE.

delete tiktok

how to reset WECHAT

  • with wechat you can delete moments and comments that you have posted.  if you delete a moment you've posted it will also delete the comments.


steps to delete a moment:

  1. tap DISCOVER (the compass icon).

  2. tap MOMENTS.

  3. find the MOMENT or you want to delete.

  4. tap DELETE.

  5. tap DELETE to confirm.

steps to delete a comment:

  1. tap DISCOVER (the compass icon).

  2. tap MOMENTS.

  3. find the COMMENT or you want to delete and LONG TAP on it.

  4. tap DELETE.

delete wechat

how to reset VKONTAKTE

  • vkontakte is the russian equivalent to FB.  much like FB, deleting posts to your wall is difficult and labor intensive.  .


please refer to this link for the steps to delete comments on vkontakte.

delete vkontakte