what was the inspiration for globalreset2020?

  • gr20 took a step back and looked at the internet as a universe which is  seemingly infinite and not governed or owned by any one entity.  realising the internet has helped globalise our exchange but with this new and powerful opportunity in time has created new problems, mostly unintended, which has enabled the fracturing of discourse leading to a now more separatist environment.

  • gr20 saw a problem that needed an intervention to solve how we 'connect' and create online communities, specifically, social media and targeting the issue of 'reactive response.'

how will globalreset2020 make a difference?

planting the seed.

  • gr20's motivation is through planting the seeds of communication and education.  the real difference made will come through the sharing of this result and making positive changes to behaviours small or large.

a new language is born.

'when dealing with humans, words matter'

  • online dialogue is not the same as face to face dialogue / conversation.  how we navigate and adapt to this new form of communication is ours to choose.  early on, we approached online response as we would IRL because there was the sense you were speaking 'to' someone whereas it has evolved to a sense of we are responding to an image of words and not another human which in turn is removing a level of empathy in the way we comment. 

    this has led to a freedom to respond without consequence which currently presents itself mostly negative and has given rise to 'trolling' and 'bullying.'

    gr20 asks that we question if this form of judgement, brutal honesty or hyperbolic reactionary responding should become the norm.

what about trolling?

should trolls or bullies be allowed to reset?

  • gr20 believes over time it's natural for views and opinions to evolve.  this is why we encourage going through all your social media history and removing content that may not represent the person you are today.   there is no reason to be persecuted and shamed IF today your position different.


'you don't have to tell a rock it's a rock.

it knows.'

  • we understand there are communities of online users that thrive on use of negative and combative commenting and realise for the most part they will choose not to reset their narrative and that is their right.

gr20's 2cents worth.

  • gr20 wears its heart on its sleeve.  we would not be advocating if we weren’t passionate for change.  This is our authentic self.